Feel Your Best




Nia Technique®
Overall Mind-body conditioning

Love your body! This lively class blends dance, martial arts and healing movements into an hour-long fusion of fun, set to music that moves body, mind and spirit.

Appropriate for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced.

Movement for Special Populations
Including Dance for PD®

Injury, surgery, disease and the aging process affect our comfort and ease in our bodies. Through gentle movement, we can feel better, no matter our physical challenges.

Appropriate for individuals with movement challenges.

GirlPower: Be Who You Are!™
Programs for Pre-teens and Teenage Girls (Moms, too!)

Growing up has never been easy, but our culture makes it harder than ever. GirlPower and workshops for girls support young women in developing their authentic voices.

Appropriate for girls 8 -14 years of age.


Meet Susanne

Susanne Liebich is a trained dancer and movement educator with a passion for sharing healing movement and the joy of dance with her students.


Moving All Ages

Healing Motion for Life™ brings the joy of movement to people of all ages and fitness levels, helping students to feel better in their bodies, calmer in their minds, freer in their spirits, and connected to a supportive community.


Girl Power

Since its inception in 2008, GirlPower: Be Who You Are! has helped over 500 girls develop their authentic voices and step out into the world with self-awareness, agency and compassion for others.

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Dance Fitness

Discover the joy of movement as your path to greater fitness and overall mind-body well-being. Classes based on Nia Technique welcome students of all fitness levels.


Class Schedule

The difference between Susanne Liebich and any teacher we have had is huge. She connects to the people in class... she takes personal interest in their health, their preferences, their physical abilities, and their enjoyment in the class.
— Steinberg Wellness Center Student