Gentle Movement

Susanne is trained in a range of dance and therapeutic modalities particularly suited to the needs of people with movement challenges. She is available to educate patients, caregivers and treatment staff about healing motion to cultivate well-being, whether the challenge is injury, degenerative disease, or the normal wear and tear of the aging process. Techniques Susanne can offer include:

  • Dance for PD

  • Stott Pilates & Yoga

  • Moving to Heal (adapted Nia Technique)

  • Bringing Dance to People with Dementia

  • Gentle Barre

  • Meditation & Guided Imagery

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Pilates and Yoga Fusion

Stott Pilates teachers the importance of breathing, spinal mobility and proper alignment for strength and comfort. Yoga improves flexibility, balance and awareness. The integration of the two blends perfectly to provide the following benefits:

·       Develop core strength & improve posture

·       Increase body awareness

·       Enhance functional movement

·       Assist in injury prevention

·       Appropriate for all levels and ages; can be modified.


Strength, Balance &
Conditioning for Seniors

Based on Healing Motion for Life, this class focuses on conditioning the core and balance by learning how to move the body in a healthy way to strengthen, avoid injury and reinforce proper movement principles.

  • Combines yoga, pilates, martial arts and breath work

  • Achieves overall health and wellness

  • Improves mobility


Moving to Heal

Nia Technique developed this adapted class for students healing from injury, recovering from illness or surgery, or simply seeking a gentler approach to fitness. Classes can be performed seated or standing.

  • Develops strength, balance, flexibility, stability and agility

  • Non-impact cardio conditioning is
    easy on joints

  • Inspires mind-body wellness with uplifting music

  • Suitable for any fitness level

  • Assist in injury prevention

I never knew what it was to dance before; you taught me what it was to dance.
— Paul, age 94