Healing Motion for Life


Movement For Well-being

The benefits of movement for our aging bodies are endless: Dance develops flexibility and instills confidence. It cultivates balance and invokes imagery of graceful movement. Dance breaks isolation and forges social connections, while music delights the heart and stimulates memory, playfulness and rhythm. The essence of dance is joy! And the beauty of dance is that anyone can do it, at their own level, in their body’s way. Pilates integrates core principles of breathing, spinal articulation and proper alignment to improve posture, enhance strength and increase mobility.

Susanne offers a number of dance and movement modalities specifically designed to help students feel their best as they age.

Dance for PD

For Parkinson’s patients

Gentle Movement

For any body

As an 88 year old long term student of Susanne’s I have enjoyed her leadership and teaching. She has made moving and exercising so alive... She has helped me so much in balance and core issues and how our bodies function.
— Ruth
John has difficulty understanding and following directions and I feared his reaction to the class would be negative. I was wrong. He loves it and is eager to go each week. What I didn’t expect was that I too would love it. Feelings of tension and heaviness , which I too often bring with me, disappear completely. At the end of class, I walk out with John feeling very much lighter than when I arrived.“
— A senior student & caregiver